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April 5, 2007

Radical Noesis Wins "Best Topical Blog"

By: Rowan Wolf

The Radical Noesis team has been selected as The Best Topical Blog for the Northwest Progressive Institute's 2006 David Neiwert Awards.

I am very proud of what out team of writers are doing collectively here at Radical Noesis, and individually as authors and activists. It is an honor to be part of this team.

I also want to thank NPI for the wonderful work that they do in keeping progressives in the Pacific Northwest informed and connected. It is a valuable service, and one at which they do an exceptional job.

NPI's comments:


The tremendous environmental challenges faced today by humankind require out of the box, inventive thinking as well as vision and action, say the contributors of Radical Noesis, who are committed to facilitating a discussion about the Earth and two major threats to a sustainable future - global warming and the end of oil as an accessible resource. In 2006 the authors explored a multitude of issues - green building, electronics recycling, organic farming, biofuels, changing energy consumption habits, conservation, and the feasibility of rapid adoption of renewable sources such as solar. One of the most interesting posts, from October of 2006, was a recap of a "town hall" event put on in Portland, Oregon, by Shell Oil, a subsidiary of the European fossil fuels giant Royal Dutch Shell. The complete lack of entries about the "horse race" aspect of electoral politics makes the blog a soothing, no-nonsense read. Highly recommended for those concerned with our ability to live....which, as Al Gore has said, is what is at stake.

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