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December 18, 2005

Global Warming? You Think?

By: Rowan Wolf

After decades of denial and inaction about global warming, we seem to be reaping the the harvest of our folly. Here is a sampling of effects and issues that have made the news in the last year. When you hear one more person ask whether global warming is real; or someone saying that it is debatable; or one more meterorlogist deny that hurricanes are probably not impacted by global warming, you have plenty of ammunition to fight lies and denials.

Global Warming Sampler
12/18/05 McKie, Observer, Puffins being wiped out as shrub chokes nesting sites
12/18/05 Lean, Independent, World is at its hottest since prehistory, say scientists
12/16/05 Black, BBC, 2005 warmest on record in north

6/03/05 Bustillo, LA Tiems, Arctic Warming Is Drying Up Lakes, Study Finds
5/12/05 Spotts, CSM, Can Earth take the heat of 'global brightening'?
5/01/05 Lean, Independent/UK, Missouri river at risk of drying to mere trickle
4/29/05 AP, Data From Space, Oceans Validate Global Warming Timeline
4/29/05 Hanley, AP, New Data on Climate Change Worries Scientists
4/27/05 Brown, Guardian/UK, Ozone Layer Most Fragile On Record
4/15/05 eard, Independendt/UK, Climate change wreaking havoc with seasons
4/02/05 Wainwright, Guardian/UK, Dolphins flourish in North Sea
3/26/05 Traynor, Guardian/UK, Higher and higher: ski resorts in fight to survive global warming
3/16/05 Al Jazeera, Global warming bad for industry
3/16/05 Timmons, NYT, Climate Change Is Called Economic Threat at Talks
3/14/05 Lovell, Reuters, Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call for Action Against Global Warming
3/13/05 Al Jazeera, Climate change imperils Asian rivers
2/23/05 McCall, Microbes survive deep permafrost
2/19/05 Connor, Independent/UK, The final proof: global warming is a man-made disaster
2/13/05 Huggler, Independent/UK, Avalanches claim dozens of lives on both sides of divided Kashmir
2/09/05 Crilly, Independent/UK, A million flamingos could lose home as Kenyan lake dries up
2/04/05 McCarthy, Independent/UK, Greenhouse gas 'threatens marine life'
2/04/05 Peating, SMH, Crops face extinction in global warming (utjpress)
2/03/05 Hogan, NewScientist, Only huge emissions cuts will curb climate change
2/02/05 McCarthy, Independent/UK, Dramatic Change in West Antarctic Ice Could Produce 16ft Rise in Sea Levels
1/30/05 BBC, Climate change 'disaster by 2026'
1/30/05 Easterbrook, NYT, 'Collapse': How the World Ends
1/27/05 Connor, Independent/UK, Global warming is 'twice as bad as previously thought'

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