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August 22, 2005

Alo Novo - Responsible Online Purchasing


Joel Makower points us today to a really great idea, and one I can't see doing anything but succeeding. Alo Novo is basically a portal to Amazon.com, which you're probably all familiar with. Alo Novo takes Amazon's product catalog and allows you to view all of it, but with a twist - they rate the products and companies that make them based on social responsibility, environmental healthiness, workplace rights, business ethics, and customer focus.

These ratings will add up to an overall score for the company, and you can also tell Alo Novo which of these ratings are more important to you, so that you can customize the displays to your own tastes.

You can buy the products through their site, but that won't cost you any more than it would on Amazon, and Alo Novo gets a cut of the purchase to keep their system running. WHY didn't I think of this? Also, you can designate that a portion of Alo Novo's profits on your purchase go to charitable causes.

Pretty neat.

The site actually launches tomorrow, August 22, 2005. However, you can see a prototype here. They have a sample product page, a sample company page, etc, which shows you what these pages will look like at site launch.

So hey, next time you want to buy something at Amazon, why not buy it through Alo Novo?

UPDATE: Yeah, I think it's really cool too. The point I forgot to make, however, is that you should always look for local products first. Locally produced and sold products always take precedence over something bought online and shipped, but of course if you need something online, and it's environmentally sound, you can sort of weigh the costs and benefits.

Posted by George at August 22, 2005 10:34 AM Category: Alternatives


George, what an excellent project,, and I have already marked Alo Nova in my favorite places. Unfortunately I don't often buy products online, but if and when I do, I will be sure to note their standing through Alo Nova.

I think movements like these are key to swaying policy (which seems to be galvanized nearly entirely by business interests) in the right direction. Our buying power seems to inevitably be the loudest voice we can adopt.

Thank you for the link

Posted by: Pamela at August 23, 2005 7:33 AM